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Market Entry

In Germany & Eastern Europe

Market entry and export to countries such as Germany and Russia offer you an opportunity to internationalize your business and enter a new market geographically close to your homeland.

Among other tasks, collaboration with local partners plays an important part in avoiding high capital investments required for internationalization. That is why, exhos works in close collaboration with you to ensure your sustainable market entry with miminum costs and to secure your effective and long-term relationships with thouroughly selected partners willing to cooperate. Our strength lies in finding reputable local companies ready to add your products to their portfolio and sell them effectively.

We work independently to meet your goals and make all the steps needed for a successful market entry and distribution by ourselves. We investigate potential partners, get in touch and visit them. Afterwards, in close collaboration with you, we select the best options and bring relevant decision-makers from your company together with the partner’s representatives. You have the final word in all the decisions. At the same time, we find new clients to ensure maximum effectiveness of our work and business trips.

You will get regular reports with all the information we collect.

We stick to a pro-active approach in everything we do and are committed to your corporate philosophy and values. As an external service, we mainly work independently. We ensure you have advantages over your competitors and promote sustainable development of a solid international database.

We are results-oriented and try to do much more than just classical consulting.