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Market Research

Market research is an important part of any market entry process. Therefore, we will gladly provide you with this service and will prepare an overview of the situation in the relevant market.

At the same time, we focus on collecting information about potential clients, competition and the market itself. The detailed reports on the most promising sales markets as well as high system standards ensure that you receive specific details to help you get a clear idea of the market.

Research of price sensitivity in the target market will also help you evaluate opportunities. At the same time, we search potential clients and analyse your products\’ sales prospects.
We collect the following information for you:

  • Potential customers (individual selection)
  • Potential partners (individual selection)
  • International competition in the area
  • Local competition
  • Assessment of price sensitivity
  • Analysis of the logistics costs for local suppliers
  • Promising markets for your industry
  • Transport connection to the target market
  • + by request