Your partner for self-amortizing and time-saving purchases and sales!

Purchase and Sourcing

Do you need a supplier of a certain product during your sourcing project?
We take care of it! Following a detailed description and sketches, we start seeking the best supplier. You do not need to care about anything esle, we will provide regular reports to you.

We are focused on results and communicate with potential suppliers on our own. After collecting all the proposals, we coordinate with you and arrange negotiations. Afterwards, we present you the best deal and let you confirm it. Based on our previous work, we establish contact with the supplier and you can negotiate and communicate directly. We look for manufacturers only.

We benefit from a fixed interest rate based on sales commissions. Of course, we will be always happy to give you advice and support free of charge. Thus, you do not lose contact with the local employees, who speak both languages. We are interested in our long-term cooperation and always pay attention to competitive prices to ensure your business advantage. Thus, you can count on our sales, marketing and manufacturing skills.

We pay attention not only to price and quality, but also account additional selection criteria:

  • Reliability and history
  • Full compliancy and readiness to help
  • International experience
  • Expressed reliability and readiness to keep to obligations
  • Good accessibility and solid contacts
  • High flexibility
  • Existing references
  • Price guarantees
  • Proposal’s transparency

Sustainable income growth

Before: After:
Product sales850.000 €850.000 €
Material costs- 420.000 €- 399.000 €- 5% Savings
Personnel costs-250.000 €- 250.000 €
Other expenses- 150.000 €- 150.000 €
Annual income30.000 €51.000 €+ 70% Income

Send us a free and non-binding inquiry about your desired product. You can also provide a sketch or picture for a better understanding of the product.

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