Your partner for self-amortizing and time-saving purchases and sales!

Your six best benefits:


Time savings

Save your valuable time for other important activities requiring your dedication. We will act independently and bring your company to the global market without your direct participation. We will follow you through the desired market entry and provide regular reports on our progress.

Financial flexibility

Our main source of income is mainly based on commissions. For you, an enormous advantage is that you can get the most out of your business with no risks involved. Furthermore, we also provide services on a contract monthly basis; thus, you can enter a market with no immediate and large impact on your budget. You have maximum flexibility while expanding your business.

Highest Quality Standards

Our employees are highly educated and technically savvy. The right language skills are essential for effective communication and our specialists speak German, English, and Russian. They come from Eastern Europe and has lived in Germany for many years, so they have a deep understanding of both cultures. You can rely on their adequate knowledge to perform their job.

Values ​​& Culture

We are committed to excellence in everything we do and strive to represent your values ​​and corporate philosophy accordingly. If you keep moving forward, German standards can also be applied to any international market. We maintain transparent and friendly relationships both with our existing and previous customers, partners and other business contacts.


Our business is focused on the industrial sphere. We mainly represent clients in the field of mechanical engineering and plant construction and feel at home in this area. If you operate in another industry, but would like to benefit from our professional services, please contact us to discuss possible options of our collaboration.

Implementation instead of Consultations

We are committed to self-execution of the projects we outline and you can measure us on it. Your advantage is created by uncomplicated internationalization from a single source. We work flawlessly and directly with your office staff.

Regional Representation

External sales & income with no cost or time spent

Market Entry

Discover new markets and get long-term benefits upon your desires

Market Research

We provide you with detailed information about the desired market


Find alternative suppliers at domestic or international market